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Why Invest in Leather Furniture for My Living Room?

When you’re trying to craft the living room of your dreams, there are few options that are better than investing in leather furniture. Whether you’re moving into a new home or simply trying to spruce up the one you already have, consider these top benefits of choosing to visit a quality leather furniture store.

It looks great

Humans have loved the look of leather since we first discovered its various uses. This highly desired commodity has always held a special place in our hearts. In fact, the earliest use of leather can be traced to leather artifacts discovered from 2200 BC. When you want to craft a stand-out living room, a leather furniture set will look luxurious and inviting.

Keep in mind that every leather couch will look different from another, ensuring you get the best in originality. This is because leather comes from the hides of an animal and, of course, no two animals are alike. This offers unique markings and designs on every couch you see during your hunt for the perfect sofa.

Leather also offers a variety of appearances since it can be dyed. This is great if you want something more creative than the classic tans or browns that leather typically comes in. Whether you want a red couch that makes a statement or a sectional with style, you can choose just about any color options to craft the living room of your dreams.

It’s comfortable

While fabric sofas might wear down or look faded over time, a durable leather sofa will look and feel great for years to come. Unlike fabric sofas which can sag and lose their original shape, leather sofas will only become softer as they age. This ensures that you’re experiencing the best in comfort. And anyone who owns a leather couch knows there’s no better feeling than resting on a leather couch that has been broken-in. You might even find yourself sleeping on a leather couch more often than your new bedroom furniture set.

It’s durable

As mentioned earlier, leather doesn’t fade and bow like fabric couches tend to do over time. This is because the tough exterior is also flexible, allowing it to take on a little more damage than your average sofa. Potential punctures, accidental spills, and puppy paws don’t stand a chance against the durable material of a leather couch. Some experts claim that leather can last four times longer than your average fabric couch.

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The Top Bedroom Furniture Design Trends Of 2019

You begin and end every day in your bedroom, making the design of this space incredibly important. It should not only bring you joy for the day to come but relax you enough so that you can drift off at night with ease. Explore these top bedroom furniture design trends of the year to find the styles that inspire you.

Oxidized Oak

Wooden furniture is still going to be a popular choice for the upcoming year, but in a slightly different style than the natural look you might imagine. Oxidized oak is a blackened version of true white oak, giving homeowners a more grounded design aesthetic. A popular choice for anything from cabinets to home furniture, oxidized oak will still show off the wood’s beautiful grain while giving your space a more stylized feeling.

Multifunctional Furniture

Many homeowners are looking for more minimal designs to make their homes and lives feel less cluttered. Furniture that serves a few different purposes is one of the best ways to achieve a minimal design. In terms of bedroom furniture, multifunctional pieces will often take the form of storage units built into the bottom parts of bed frames or a dresser that can double as a vanity. In other parts of the home, you might see living room furniture that has a pull-out bed built into couches or small tables built into lounging chairs.

Authentic Handcrafted Pieces

The main feature many people are looking for now is an indication of individuality. Furniture is a great way to show this. When you have a dresser or set of chests that is authentically handcrafted, you have a piece with character and history. These pieces can also negate the mass-produced feeling that the bulk of modern furniture has to it. As an added benefit, handcrafted bedroom furniture will go with many different styles of design, including vintage, rustic, and modern farmhouse.

According to Furniture Today, the online furniture industry news source, furniture sales in the U.S. will reach $122 billion by 2020. You can take advantage of this rapidly growing market by investing in furniture that reflects your personal style while making your home more comfortable. Contact Urban Underpriced today to find the perfect furniture for your home.