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5 Reasons to Buy High-Quality Furniture

It can be tempting to buy cheap furniture from a big-box retailer or second-hand furniture from a thrift store. However, high-quality furniture can provide substantial benefits not found in low-quality furniture. Moreover, high-quality furniture is available from discount furniture stores in Indiana due to their relationships with the factories that enable them to pass savings on to consumers. Here are five benefits that high-quality furniture will bring:

More Durable

High-quality furniture will show through the workmanship and materials of the furniture. Aside from the comfort and quality this provides, better workmanship also provides greater durability. A well-constructed couch will last about eight years and a properly maintained mattress can last for more than 10 years.

This translates into less waste, both in terms of your checking account and the environment. If you only need to shop at furniture stores to replace worn furniture once per decade, you are saving money. And the less frequently your bedroom sets go into the landfill, the less waste you contribute to the environment.

Moreover, more durable furniture is safer. Construction techniques like corner blocks and dovetail joints mean that furniture is less likely to break or collapse while in use. When you have children, or just want to save your toes from being smashed, the safety of your furniture can be one of the most important considerations when shopping for furniture at furniture stores.

Better Materials

High-quality furniture means better materials. For example, vinyl couches are much less expensive than leather and high-quality natural fabrics like linen or cotton. However, vinyl is produced using dioxin, which is toxic. Moreover, vinyl is not eco-friendly as it is made using petroleum.

Leather, cotton, and linen, on the other hand, are more durable and more comfortable. If your legs have ever stuck to a couch, the couch was probably made from vinyl.

Even low-quality leather is distinguishable from high-quality leather. Low-quality leather is usually rough to the touch and requires a “breaking in” period before it feels soft and pliable. High-quality leather is soft, smooth, and pliable from the start.

More Comfortable

One of the key considerations in shopping for furniture is the comfort. When shopping for furniture, you should always sit on chairs and couches while still in the furniture stores to determine their comfort level.

High-quality furniture will include high-quality stuffing and batting inside cushions. This high-quality stuffing will retain its shape rather than breaking down over time. Broken down cushions deform and lose support over time, eventually requiring re-stuffing or replacement. This increases the cost of buying low-quality furniture to the point that it is more economical to buy high-quality furniture in the first place.

More Stylish

High-quality furniture never goes out of style. Solid wood furniture, leather couches, and metal tables with glass surfaces go with anything. Low-quality furniture from big-box retailers, on the other hand, are usually short runs that are discontinued after a fad or style phase passes.

For example, damask patterns and wicker furniture were all the rage in the 1990s. Now you would be hard-pressed to find any wicker furniture or furniture with damask print fabric. Finding high-quality furniture that is a little more timeless will save money as you will not need to replace or reupholster furniture to stay in style.

Better Deal

High-quality furniture is a better deal. More durable furniture does not need to be replaced or repaired like lower quality furniture. When it eventually needs to be repaired, furniture built with higher quality workmanship is more likely to be capable of repair and more likely to give you more years of enjoyment after the repair.

For example, a solid wood dining room set may, after a period of time, need to be refinished due to stains, water damage, scratches, or other wear. Solid wood can be sanded, stained, and sealed. Conversely, a dining table made from low-quality particleboard cannot be refinished. This means that the lower quality table will likely have a shorter lifespan and that lifespan cannot be extended through repair.

High-quality furniture is more durable, more stylish, and more comfortable than low-quality furniture. When purchased from discount furniture stores, it is also a better deal.

Color Trends for Fall 2019

Furniture sales are estimated to represent 13.6% of all e-commerce sales in 2021, but sales are hardly low in the meantime. Every year and every season, millions of people are eager to update their home’s furnishing and decor to reflect the trends of the time. And with fall upon us, it’s time to take a look at the top colors of the new season.

From dining room furniture to bedroom sets, from living room couches to your home office — the following are the top color trends for furniture and decor in fall 2019.


Purple is a big shade for this season, and it’s easy to see why: besides being warm and comforting, it’s dramatic, bold, and conveys a sense of regality.

For introducing a bold color like purple into your decor, pick a key piece of furniture to show it off. Then surround it with more neutral colors like forest greens and grays to ground the look.

Peacock Blue

Just a few shades over from purple is our next fall color: peacock blue. It’s a very strong look that is best paired with a lighter color, such as millennial pink. Adding the softer color will prevent the blue from being too overpowering.

Using a deep shade of blue like this for curtains or tableware can add depth to your dining room, especially when you combine them with floral cushions or mustard-colored accents.

Blush and Green

This delightful trend will add a comforting presence to see us through the gloomier winter months. Blush and green work extraordinarily well together. You can go all out and buy new wallpaper reflecting this trend, or play it small and get some matching accent pieces to bring into your home.

Neutral Colors

For those who aren’t particularly fond of bold colors, neutral colors are also going to be “in” this season. Pale woods, oatmeal, and rust tones are excellent choices for creating an elegant, stylish, and sophisticated appearance. Organic-shaped accents and lighting also serve this trend well.

Black Furniture

From dining room chairs to coffee tables, black is making a jump from the accessory trends of last year to full-blown furniture styles. Black furniture creates a compelling silhouette, has a very modern feel, and can be quite striking when carefully matched with bright-colored accessories.

Black Kitchens

Black is making a comeback as a popular color for decor, and it’s making its grand entrance right outside our dining rooms: in the kitchen. 2020 is predicted to bring with it some bold cabinetry colors, including shades of green, cool gray tones, and, of course, lots of black.

Black implies sophistication, depth, and drama, and adds these perceived qualities to the space where it’s used. It’s especially dramatic when combined with cool stainless appliances and well-positioned lighting.

Pigment-Style Paint

A new fall/winter trend from Crown Paint is called “pigment.” It was inspired by the studios of great masters where colors are reduced to pigments and particles. The result is a luxurious texture, giving the impression of balance, warmth, and safety.

The pigment style of paint can be created using various colors, tones, and textures. You literally get to treat your walls like a canvas.

Retro Graphics

One cost-effective way to keep up with this fall’s trends is to update smaller accent items around your house. You can replace your bedding, setup new potted plants, lay down a throw or two, and hang stylish pictures on the wall without breaking the bank.

An excellent style to go for in this manner of light redecorating is retro, which is still popular this fall. Clean lines and geometric shapes inspired by the Bauhaus movement make an intriguing addition to almost any existing decor.


‘Tis the season for snuggling under mounds of blankets, and this fall’s trends reflect that in another style for this year. Throws, pillows, and quilts adorn furniture, while rugs are layered on the floor. This gives a distinctly warm, cozy look to any room.

If you try this style, look for warm autumnal colors like amber, moss green, and blues. Vintage-inspired prints make an excellent contribution to this trend as well.

From regal purples to timeless neutrals to classic fall shades, these are some of this fall’s top color trends.

4 Home Office Furniture Trends for 2019

According to Furniture Today, furniture sales are expected to reach $122 billion by 2020. Much of that furniture is built especially for use in offices in homes and businesses.

If you’re looking for a home office furniture set, you’ll want to know about the current trends in office furniture. We’ve got our finger on the pulse in that realm and have a few ideas to help get yours off to a good start.

Smart Furniture

Smart products are everywhere, from home security systems to wearable technology, so it’s no surprise that smart furniture is showing up in offices.

From chairs that let you know when you’re slouching, to AI standing desks that remind you when to stretch, to couches that measure your biometrics — smart furniture is only becoming increasingly popular, especially in the workplace.

Smart furniture comes in elegant designs, made with sleek materials that bring a modern vibe into any office, corporate or in-home. Meanwhile, the technologies communicate with other smart devices and electronics via IoT, continually bridging any remaining technological gaps. Join this trend by assembling a home office furniture set with smart abilities built-in.

Natural Lighting

We gravitate towards natural light, and it’s not just because it’s nicer to see things in. We know that natural light does wonders for our health and our general sense of well being.

While workplaces are notorious for being less than happy places, whether at home or in an office, they don’t have to be that way. Sunshine is a natural antidepressant, and bright light makes people feel more uplifted, energized, and cheerful.

So instead of thinking long and hard about what blinds to use in your office, maybe you should forgo the use of blinds altogether? Or get curtains with the intention to leave them open most of the time, only drawing them closed when you need extra privacy?

As 2019 continues, there’s a continued push towards including elements from nature and the outdoors in our workplaces. If you can’t use actual sunlight to compliment your home office furniture set, consider buying special lamps that are designed to mimic natural outdoor light.

Botanical Work Places

Along with sunlight and lamps designed to mimic it, offices are becoming greener — literally — with indoor plants.

We’re attracted to nature, and we live better lives when we interact with it regularly. Simply going for a walk once a day can help to alleviate symptoms of depression, along with a whole host of other health conditions. The belief that people have an innate emotional connection with nature is nothing new, but in spite of it, we’ve somehow managed to put up with dark and dingy cubicles for decades.

Fortunately for all of us, that’s changing in 2019. Now, office design is fully aware of the benefits we receive when exposed to natural environments. From indoor gardens to moss walls, people are finding more and more ways to incorporate nature within the office environment.

Accentuate your home office furniture set with potted plants or indoor trees to bring this trend into your home office.

Abstract Design

This year’s top office furniture design trends are intended to engage our minds and stimulate productive thinking. One way of doing that is with abstract and geometric designs, which tickle the brain and trigger creative thought.

Geometric patterning is a trend that overtook industrial architecture not long ago, and now it’s making its way into home office furniture sets. Certain shapes — particularly curved ones — cause the mind to feel calm and help us process information faster and more clearly.

So the strange furniture pieces inspired by modern art have a purpose beyond looking cool. They’re brain candy, designed specifically to draw out our best ideas and peak performance.

Home office design isn’t just about basic functionality. Yes, you need a basic desk that can hold your work supplies, but does that inspire creative thought?

As a society, we’re starting to move away from the “hustle culture” of the industrial work age. We’re not only concerned with how furniture functions, or even how comfortable it is for our bodies as we use it. We also take into consideration how it impacts our minds, and our abilities to work effectively.

4 Interior Design Trends to Make Your House Pop

Interior design is ephemeral, with each season ushering in new styles and fresh takes on old ideas. Despite the dynamic nature of this industry (where homeowners and decorators spent $121 billion in 2016 alone), you can tap into what catches your eye to give your home a timeless identity. From home furniture to texture, here are some ideas on the latest home decor trends to watch.

1. Natural Elements

There is a resurgence of natural material as part of what comprises home decor design. When you hear talk of natural elements in home decor, think of design strategies that seek to connect your home’s style to nature. These can involve infusing your home furniture with specific natural elements. A great example of this is getting a wooden bedside stand that has a marble or granite top. Or the more classic wooden kitchen island with a granite or marble top.

Aside from blending the home furniture itself with these natural elements, you can incorporate greenery into your decor for a touch of the outdoors. Are you eco-conscious? Then using kitchen or living room furniture made from reclaimed wood will add a layer of purpose to your space. You can share the story behind such furniture during social gatherings to inspire others towards your mission while still looking elegant.

Sunlight is also a notable aspect when riding the natural elements theme for your home decor. Add some white drapes to give your house a touch of elegance while letting the sunshine in with all its glory.

When you don’t want to undertake a remodel, there are some portable natural design pieces you can bring in to accentuate nature’s touch in your home. In-floor standing planters give you the versatility to adorn various rooms as you see fit. Geodes are excellent at giving your space a geological feel while being functional. For example, you can place geodes on your home office furniture to act as bookends.

2. Velvet in the Room

The perception behind velvet as furnishing has changed. From velvet being looked down on as an old person’s design choice, it is now perceived as furnishing that gives your home furniture that comforting feel and a classic look. In your living room, couches are the best place to apply this material. Since a couch will give you seven to 15 years of good service, using velvet can give your home that unique feel while being comfortable to the touch for the couch’s lifetime.

3. Multifunctional Furniture

Using furniture in the home that can deliver different functions is taking root not just in small homes but big ones as well. For small spaces, multipurpose furniture allows you to do more with less. For example, a spacious yet stylish futon that’s part of your living room furniture not only accentuates your house but guests can sleep on it as well.

For bigger houses where space is not an issue, multifunctional furniture serves to deliver convenience. For example, incorporating a full body mirror stand as part of your bedroom furniture that has an inner chamber to hold jewelry makes it a one-stop center for accessorizing every morning.

4. Texture

Texture has the unique ability to make you see and feel material that influences your perspective. The interplay of texture in home decor is an emerging trend that holds great potential if you use it properly.

If you want to enhance the softness of a bedroom, for example, you can use light fixtures sporting a feather design. The light that the fixture will emit will deliver a soft glow. Wicker storage baskets are another popular example of how texture can make a room’s design pop.

Style Your House to Reflect Your Identity

Although it is ephemeral in nature, you can still give your house decor that surpasses any brief fads. Whether it is through using texture or natural design touches, focus on making your home a space you can be proud of no matter the current trend.

How To Create a Rustic French Countryside Kitchen and Dining Room

How relaxing would it be to sit down to dinner with the ambiance of the romantic French countryside all around you? Luckily, you don’t have to travel to France to capture its aesthetic in your home. By using the right colors and fabrics, trimming the room with authentic details, and choosing the right dining room furniture, you can enjoy all the feelings of France right in your own home.

Choose Airy, Welcoming Colors

French country homes often use light, warm colors. The walls are often off-white, soft blue, or blue-gray. Accent colors usually incorporate beiges, browns, delicate pinks, and gentle yellows to create a soothing, inviting feel.

Use Natural Materials

In the French countryside, traditional homemakers relied on natural materials. Wood furniture and cabinets accented with stone, brick, and iron will make your dining room and kitchen seem authentic. Kitchen appliances in dark colors can give the impression of iron, adding a welcome modern touch.

Select Cabinets With Detailing

Crown molding is a hallmark of French kitchens. This can be added around the ceiling but is more often incorporated into the design of the cabinets themselves. More often than not, French cabinets will include furniture-like details, including gentle arches, burnishing, or distressing. Skirted cabinetry is also popular.

An Island Invites Company

Large families in the countryside required more workspace for cooking and more seating for enjoying meals. To solve this problem, they incorporated grand kitchen islands. Islands painted in an accent color, or decorated with crown molding or carved details, work as a functional anchor piece for the room.

Delight In the Details

The real trick to pulling off a rustic French feel is incorporating authentic details. In a real country kitchen, glass jars would be used to store preserves or protect ingredients like sugar or flour. Detailing these jars with burlap or ribbon and grouping them on countertops gives your space a more authentic feeling than if you relied on modern Tupperware. Use toile fabrics for curtains or soft coverings on chairs to keep that light, airy feeling going throughout your entire home. Luckily, decor like this can commonly be found in your local furniture store.

Of course, the hallmark of a French kitchen is hanging cookware overhead, usually above the stove or the center island. Originally a functional decision, this has become a delightful design element in many kitchens. Top this off with brass or cast iron cookware to create a greater sense of authenticity.

Select Rustic but Elegant Dining Room Furniture

In many country homes, kitchens and dining rooms seamlessly blend into each other. For this reason, carrying your French theme into the dining room is one way to make this illusion feel complete.

You have a lot of flexibility in dining room furniture sets for this theme, however, certain elements are common. Typically, decorators choose wooden tables and chairs, although a mix of wood and iron is sometimes used. Wood is left its natural color or lightly white-washed and distressed. Dining room furniture has soft curves and rounded edges to give it a hand-made, elegant feel. On the other hand, highly-polished furniture sets with more elaborate details can lend a more upscale atmosphere to larger spaces. One advantage to a French country theme is its popularity and versatility; this guarantees that you can find appropriate pieces in any furniture store you visit.

Bring The Elegance of France to Your Home

Designing a rustic French countryside kitchen and dining room isn’t as hard as you think. Furniture stores in Indiana carry a range of home furniture that will bring your dream rooms to life. Discount furniture stores in Indianapolis are great places to snap up unique pieces that make your rooms stand out even if you choose a popular decorating theme like the French countryside.

Increasingly, homeowners recognize the impact interior design has on their homes. A gorgeous house with a bland or forgettable interior is no good. Interior design has become so important to homeowners that by 2021, furniture and home furnishing sales are expected to account for 13.6% of all e-commerce sales in the United States. Don’t get left behind: start redecorating today!

4 Retro Styles for Decorating and Furnishing

Suppose you want to create a room, or even an entire house, around a particular period of time. Maybe it is inspired by nostalgia for a special time in your life. Maybe it fits a collection or hobby that you have. Or maybe you just like the design aesthetic of the time.

The first step is knowing the difference between vintage and retro. Vintage uses actual pieces from the time period. For example, a vintage 60s theme would require you to search antique stores and second-hand stores for furniture and decor actually made in the 60s. Since this is neither practical nor time and cost-efficient for many people, a retro theme may be more appropriate. Retro themes use new home furniture that evokes a particular era through its shape, style, patterns, and colors. Thus, rather than using antique furniture and second-hand furniture, you would decorate and furnish your retro bedroom with new dressers, nightstands, and a bed from retail bedroom furniture stores. Here are examples of four retro styles for decorating and furnishing:

The 1960s

In the 1960s, there were a few cultural influences that created different aesthetic styles. One was the space age. For examples of this style, think of a classic cartoon: The Jetsons. Home office furniture and dining room furniture in that time used chrome and molded plastic with rounded modernist shapes. To create a retro space-age theme, search bedroom furniture stores for beds, nightstands, chairs, and dressers with rounded edges and chrome finishes.

Another influence in the 1960s was the counterculture created by hippies and protest movements. For examples of this style, think pop art. This art form often incorporated highly contrasting colors, such as white backgrounds with vibrant, psychedelic greens, pinks, purples, and yellows.

The 1970s

Although most people associate the 1970s with disco, many homes and home furniture reflected a more sedate, homey aesthetic. This was likely a reaction to the counterculture of the 1960s and nostalgia for earlier, more stable times. Homes in the 1970s used an earthier color palette, with colors like avocado green, burnt orange, goldenrod, and harvest gold. Following the earthier color palette, floral patterns were popular in the 1970s.

Home decor typically included macrame, terra cotta tile, wood paneling, and matching furniture sets. To create a retro 70s bedroom, search bedroom furniture stores for bedroom sets with simple square or rectangular wood furniture without embossing and simple wood pulls and handles. For examples of 70s retro, look to the styling of That 70’s Show.

The 1980s

The 1980s saw two design styles. On the one hand, Memphis design used geometric patterns, terrazzo patterns, and bright primary colors. Home furniture from this design style was geometric as well, with rectangular couches and chairs. This style was exemplified by Saved By the Bell and Pee Wee’s Playhouse. To furnish a Memphis design bedroom, look for chairs, dressers, and tables of unconventional, geometric shapes from bedroom furniture stores. Keep in mind that one characteristic of Memphis design is mismatched shapes.

Shabby chic became the other major style of the era. Perhaps in response to rampant commercialism and consumerism, shabby chic used country and Victorian style furniture, lace, and chintz to create a second-hand (or “shabby”) style. This was a forerunner of the modern-day “make do” style favored by Millennials that emphasizes re-use and re-purposing.

The 1990s

While the 1990s do not seem far enough away to deserve “retro” treatment, children of the 1990s are approaching their thirties and are nostalgic for their childhood style. Perhaps as a reaction to the perceived artificiality of Memphis design, the 1990s design aesthetic incorporated earthy colors like hunter green, beige, and burgundy. For the same reason, natural materials, like pine and wicker, became very popular for furniture. Similarly, although leather has been used since 2200 BC, it made a big comeback in the 1990s. Technology also began to dictate the types of furniture we used, with an entertainment center capable of holding a large screen TV becoming a common fixture in homes. For examples of 90s decorating, think about the apartments in Friends, Seinfeld, and Frasier.

As contradictory as it may seem, retro style is in style. By choosing a color palette, materials, and furniture style that is reminiscent of a particular time period, you can evoke the aesthetic of an entire era.

4 Best Ways To Jazz Up Your Apartment

In the age of Pinterest boards, Etsy shops, and Bobby Berk Queer Eye-ing youthful spaces, millennials have a plethora of both practical and aesthetic options to consider for their home decor. That being said, the design choices can be overwhelming. What does one need to look for in a couch anyway?

Before deciding what home furniture would suit you best, you should ask what kind of vibe do you want to cultivate in your home. Are you interested in something rustic? Modern? Traditional? A wild combination of all three?

If you answered yes to any or all of these, congratulations: you are ready to advance into the world of furniture design trends with confidence.

For the bedroom:

According to legend, when correctly cared for, mattresses can live up to a full decade. If we’re being honest, that happens far less often than we care to admit. With age comes wear and you find yourself dealing with pain because of a sagging mattress. At this point, it’s ready to shed its mortal coils and should be replaced. While you’re at it, maybe consider investing in a full bedroom in your eight hours.

For the living room:

A good place to begin this process at a leather furniture store.

One of the main focal points in an open living space is your trusty sofa or sectional, hands down. As couches tend to last between seven to 15 years, if you’re interested in longevity for your living room furniture, a leather couch is the perfect option. Leather is back in style in a big way, making it a versatile and timeless choice that will transform as your personal style evolves. Leather will last you up to four times longer than fabric couches, adjust its temperature to yours for maximum comfort, and is reliably stain-resistant. This is good news for everyone who loves eating on their couch.

Add a functional workspace

While the concept of a home office is not necessarily realistic for everyone, having some form of a workspace is essential, especially since more and more millennials are working remotely. Establishing a modest writing nook or an adjacent workshop space makes all the difference when you need to get to work. This not only improves the presentation of a home’s aesthetic but also boosts its functionality as well. Instead of a rolling chair, you can bolster its appearance with leather lounge chairs or bar stools for a chic look.

Now spruce it up with decoration

After your stop at the leather furniture store, consider what accents you’d like to bring to the table — literally. Keep your eyes peeled for excellent deals on discount furniture for your dining room, some centerpieces to bring a bright pop of color, or unique lighting fixtures to create a fun, inviting space.

Your leather furniture store will help you run with something more industrial or embrace the natural elements that are dominating the decor market right now. Whatever you choose to buy at your leather furniture store, just make sure your home screams you.

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The Importance Of Bedroom Furniture For Improving Sleep

Although the average adult requires 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night, 35.3% of adults claim they get less than 7 hours of sleep each day. One reason for this may be inappropriate bedroom furniture. Bedroom furniture stores have a host of bedroom sets to choose from that can transform a bedroom into a more restful environment. The key is to find the bedroom furniture that suits a person’s unique sleep needs.

Arrange The Bedroom Set To Be Functional And Attractive

Design experts agree the layout of furniture in a room impacts the room’s atmosphere, changing how people respond to it emotionally. If the furniture is arranged in a way that feels cluttered or is inconvenient, then the room will not feel inviting.

To make a room more inviting, interior designers suggest choosing a bedroom set with an anchor piece. An anchor is often the largest piece in the room, such as a bed, and establishes the style and mood of the room. It also determines the placement of all other pieces in the furniture set.

Once an anchor piece is established, the rest of the bedroom set should be arranged to compliment it. Replicating the colors and lines of the anchor piece in other furniture or decor in the room establishes a theme. A well-designed bedroom that is attractive and inviting creates calmness and contentment, aiding sleep.

Choose The Correct Type Of Bed

While the look of a bedroom set is important, the most important factor for improving sleep is comfort. Bedroom furniture stores sell different types of bed frames to suit the different needs of customers, so carefully consider the different available options. Many bedroom furniture stores allow customers to test display models in their store so the customers can make a more informed choice.

The first consideration is the size of the bed frame. A full-size frame is 53 inches wide by 75 inches long, comfortably fitting one adult. Many couples prefer at least a queen-size bed, which is 60 inches by 80 inches, however, measuring 76 by 80 inches, a king-size bed provides more room. The California king, at 72 inches by 84 inches, is the largest standard bed size available at most home furniture stores.

Other considerations when choosing a bed frame include the type of material, the style of frame, and whether the frame requires a box springs. Most bedroom sets sold at home furniture stores will be made of wood, wood composite, or metal, with each materials offering different durability, aesthetics, and comfort. Another consideration is the style of frame, including whether the frame has a headboard, headboard and footboard, side rails, posts, or a canopy. Differences in style may change how a sleeper feels in the bed. Finally, a bedroom furniture store can assist shoppers in deciding between a platform bed, where the mattress can be laid directly on the frame, or a frame requiring a box springs to protect and support the mattress.

Select The Right Mattress

Once a good bed frame has been selected, the perfect mattress is the next essential factor. Bedroom furniture stores sell mattresses in varying degrees of firmness or softness. Pillow-top or memory foam mattresses are most popular with sleepers who prefer a plush sleeping surface, whereas sleepers who prefer a firmer surface often choose an innerspring mattress.

Another consideration for choosing a good mattress is construction. Innercoil mattresses are durable and allow better airflow, keeping sleepers cooler. Latex mattresses are another option for sleepers who prefer a cooler sleeping environment as well as a springier sleeping surface. Pillow-top mattresses, which have a soft fabric sewn over the top providing extra softness, have become popular in recent years, as have hybrid mattresses. Each type of construction has its strengths, and sales associates at a bedroom furniture store can assist customers in deciding which mattress will bring them years of restful slumber.

Sleep On It

Sleep is essential, and choosing the correct bedroom furniture set is an important step in improving sleep quality. Bedroom furniture stores offer a wide selection of bedroom furniture sets to improve the atmosphere, comfort, and functionality of any bedroom.

5 Facts About the Leather Industry

Genuine leather is a product of animal hides, which have been treated with chemicals to produce a soft, yet durable, material. Leather has a long history and many different uses, including living room furniture and home office furniture. Here are five little-known facts about the leather industry:

Leather Is Older than Written History

Leather likely originated as an effort by hunters to use as much of an animal as possible. The earliest tools used for preparing hides are believed to date to about 10,000 years ago and the oldest leather artifacts date to about 2200 BC. Prior to written history, researchers have discovered that humans used leather for shoes, bags, and water pouches during the Ice Age. Tomb paintings have also shown that some of the earliest leather furniture was produced by the Egyptians. The Egyptians also used leather for sandals, gloves, and clothing.

The Tanning Process Has Evolved

The process of making leather has, from the beginning, involved physical, chemical, and biological treatments of hides. These methods were developed over time in order to preserve and soften the hide into a durable, pliable material. Historically, the tanning process involved scraping the hide and treating it with animal fat, tree tannin (which is where the term “tanning” originates), and even animal urine and other body parts. The historical tanning process was so noxious that tanners often had to set up on the outskirts of towns.

Native Americans had been tanning deer and cattle hides in North America long before the arrival of Europeans. Among the first immigrants to North America was an English shoemaker who landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1624. Within about 25 years, there were 50 tanneries operating in Massachusetts. The modern tanning process uses chromium salts and other chemicals to treat hides to produce the leather that we love.

The Modern Leather Industry and Its Uses

Today, China is the world’s largest leather producer. Other major leather producers include India, Brazil, and the United States. Together, China, India, Brazil, and the United States produce over 60% of the world’s leather supply. World leather production is a $40 billion per year industry that employs approximately 500,000 workers.

Did you know that the shoe industry used over half of the leather produced in 2013? After the shoe industry, the largest users of leather were manufacturers of leather clothing, leather furniture, and leather car seats. These four industries consumed over 90% of the world’s leather production in 2013 alone. Other uses of leather include saddles and tackle for horses, belts, bags, wallets, holsters, watch straps, and balls for sports. The National Football League, National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball still use leather balls in official games.

The Future of Leather

Currently, there are efforts underway to produce a product that does not rely on animal hides and the chemicals used to tan animal hides to produce leather. One effort combines natural fibers, such as flax or cotton, with plant fats to produce a material that has a similar feel and breathability as leather.

Humans have produced leather for thousands of years. Leather remains a huge industry, with leather shoes, leather clothing, leather furniture, and leather car seats consuming most of the leather produced. When you want to invest in this historic product, rely on Urban Underpriced today.

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Top 14 Furniture Trends in 2019

According to Furniture Today, a leading online furniture industry news source, furniture sales will continue to grow, reaching $122 billion by 2020. If you’re looking to contribute to those sales, you’re probably aware the right furniture makes all the difference in making a room feel right. Choosing the right bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, or couches can elevate your entire home aesthetic, while mismatching furniture or decor can make everything about a home feel off.

To help you choose the right discount furniture for your home this year, the following are 14 furniture design trends for 2019.

1. Oxidized Oak

While white oak used to be the tried-and-true standard, it’s getting a facelift with blackened oak furniture. Darkened oak pieces provide warmth and a sense of stability. Owners of blackened oak furniture and cabinetry will enjoy its sophisticated look and grounding effects.

2. Upholstered Headboards

Luxe (or upholstered) headboards are coming back in style. A velvet-covered headboard, ideally in a rich, warm color, contributes a noticeable sense of sophistication and elegance to an otherwise uninspiring bedroom.

3. Bold Colors and Contrasts

Gone are the days of the plain white ceiling, cream-peach walls, and brown carpet or wood floor. Today, interior decorating is starting to catch up with the tone of the world around us: bold, exciting, and high-volume.

Include this tone in your choice of discount furniture by looking for pieces with strong and vivid colors, high-contrast patterns, and bold or unconventional materials.

4. Multifunctional Furniture

Seemingly at the opposite end of the spectrum, other consumers are feeling exhausted with the hustle-and-bustle lifestyle of our increasingly-complex modern world. These people want a comfortable and practical space to come home to, rather than decor that may feel like more chaos.

If this is your preference, try finding discount furniture with multiple functions built in, such as chairs with attached drink trays on one side.

5. Handcrafted Furniture

With so much of the world straying towards a superficial, throw-away lifestyle, people are starting to miss the charm and authenticity of hand-built furniture.

It can be difficult to find discount furniture that’s been handcrafted, but if you get lucky enough to discover some it can add a unique, one-of-a-kind aesthetic to your home. This warm feeling is in strong opposition to furniture that’s obviously mass-produced in a factory.

6. Blush Tones

For many design experts, blush has become the new neutral. When combined with grays and natural colors, the result is a quiet, welcoming palette. When combined with more bold colors, it recedes into the background and allows the bold color to comfortably dominate the space.

7. Super-Cozy Beds

According to interior designer Joy Moyler, “beds are going to be more womb-like” in 2019, with headboards and footboards wrapped in soft, expansive fabrics and padding to “feel like a warm hug.”

8. Geometric Patterns

While patterns in furniture and decor have traditionally been calm, straightforward, and perfectly symmetrical, newer patterns are going to be more bold, more extreme, and less symmetrically-balanced. This could mean discount furniture covered in fabrics with shapes almost appearing to be thrown together at random.

9. Natural Materials

Natural materials, like wood and granite, have always held a particular fascination for interior designers. This trend is expected to remain, with new and familiar materials being used in places where you wouldn’t normally expect to find them.

10. Ultra-Curvy Furniture Designs

The rounded furniture of the 1970’s is making a comeback, with rounded-back chairs and couches.

11. Innovative and Unusual Use of Metals

Metalwork in furniture is becoming more interesting, more unconventional, and more popular. While rose gold likely won’t be in style, gold, brass, and blackened metals will. You can find these metals in delicate and lacy styles as well as rough and industrial ones. Discount furniture in these styles will be designed with a rather sculptural-based aesthetic, as the interior design space pushes towards a methodology of art as function.

12. Custom, Hand-Made Furniture

While not usually within the discount furniture lineup, people are moving towards a more individualized approach to furnishing their home with custom furniture. Consumers want pieces that tell a story that means something, if only where it came from and whose hands built it.

13. Little Details

Even little details in upholstery, such as seams, can have a great impact on overall design. Small, unusual details create a sense of uniqueness and perceived value over conventional-looking pieces.

14. Antiques

Like custom and hand-made furniture, antiques are becoming popular again because of their one-of-a-kind appearance and the stories they can tell. Antiques can easily give a room personality and soul.

When you’re looking to bring these trends into your home, you need to go to a retailer you can trust. Contact Urban Underpriced today to learn about the pieces we stock and how they can help fulfill your interior design dreams.