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Living Room Decor For the Modern Farmhouse Feel

Your living room sets the style for the rest of your home. Living room decor can transform your space into the stylish space you love being in.

Choosing the right living room décor starts with choosing the perfect foundation for your room. Living room furniture needs to be durable, stylish, and convey the message you want to send about your space. Combining the right furnishings with the right accent pieces will help to create a space that sets the style for your home.

Make Your Statement

The modern farmhouse style is a very popular style. It is an inviting style with a touch of sophistication. Shopping at the right store is your first step in creating the modern farmhouse look that you are after.

Leather couches are the perfect pieces to use as your modern farmhouse foundation. Leather furniture delivers a timeless style, it is durable, and when you know where to shop it can be very affordable.

The best part of leather living room furniture is that you can use different styles of living room decor accent pieces to dress up your room to make your style statement. Maybe this year you are all about the modern farmhouse vibe but next year you won’t be. Instead of having to invest in new furniture, you can change out your living room decor and keep your leather couches to get a whole new look.

Making the right choice for your living room furniture will ensure that you can create the perfect room in the style that you want by making some simple living room décor changes without having to buy new furniture every couple of years. Shop at a store that offers the best pricing on living room furniture Indianapolis has to offer and get a style that you love for less.

It is All In the Details

Once you have the living room furniture that you want to use as your foundation to build your style on, the rest is easy. Modern farmhouse style is all about a mixture of comfortable furniture and reclaimed goods with a little bit of industrial thrown in.

Leather couches and chairs with a quilt hanging over the back, combined with a few well placed “farmhouse” trinkets can easily deliver the style you want for your living room. Look to different textures to add interest to the room. Once you have the right couches and furnishings for your room it is easy to get the look that you love.

Transform Any Room into Your Home Office with Trending Furniture

Per Furniture Today, an online industry news source, sales for furniture in the United States will only grow within five years with the potential to reach up to $122 billion in 2020. More and more people are working from home. What does this mean for workspaces?

They’re changing. While the traditional décor of a home office is rich wood furniture with leather upholstery and tall bookcases, trends show that the style of a home office is changing to fit a more modern style of office. Luckily there are discount furniture stores online and in your area. Furniture styles are changing for the home office, and your local discount furniture store is embracing the trend.

There Is a High Demand for Home Offices

As the dynamics of work evolve, more people are finding the need to be able to work from home. The numbers keep rising for people that work from home too. So much so that there is a very high demand for designers and architects to add home offices to home designs. There is even a rise in remodeling services that call for builders to take space from areas such as dining rooms and entries to make space for a home office. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is convert an attic or a basement to carve out a niche and create office space.

Of course, you will need the right furniture from an Indianapolis furniture store to create a home office that functions well. That takes office furnishings along with designs that enable you to devise a working space that flows. Choose furniture designs that you will love since you will be working in this area and need to be comfortable and happy with the décor. Before you know it you will be outperforming even the best commercial office spaces.

What Pieces of Furniture Are Needed for a Home Office?

In order to be productive, it really helps if you’re using office furniture that functions well with a style you really like. Browse online for home office furniture such as home office groups, bookcases, home office desks and chairs, and office storage. Keep in mind the equipment you will be using when picking furniture. While computers today are easy to install, you still want to make sure you have adequate space for your computer and printer. Are you going to receive clients? If so, make sure you purchase comfortable seating that fits the area of your home office.

Design Office Space at Home That Is Functional

Every piece of your office area should be functional. This gives you the ability to use less space and stick to your budget. When you shop at a discount furniture store you are able to stay well within your budget too. You also need to be able to make the space as comfortable as possible. You may be able to walk into work in your pajamas, but if the furniture isn’t comfortable, you won’t want to work for long. In order to produce quality work, purchase office furniture that promotes comfort too. Comfort comes in the form of ergonomic chairs, plenty of desk space, and storage so you can work without interruptions.

Trends for Home Office Furniture Are Changing

Break out of the mold of traditional office furniture. Perhaps a lift top desk or L-shaped desk would suit you better. Add matching bookcases and storage and you’re ready to get to work. Bits and pieces of office furniture can come together to create an office design that makes your office look beautiful while still being beautiful.

Is Space an Issue?

Sometimes space may be an issue when you’re trying to outfit home office space. You don’t have to feel confined or cramped. The right décor and office furniture are sure to meet your requirements while giving you the ability to work in a trendy office at home. Create the space you crave while accommodating your taste and style with discounted office furniture from local Indianapolis furniture stores.

A Guide to Boho Style for Your Home

Boho is also referred to as Bohemian and it is a style characterized by creating a relaxed, cozy, and interesting space in your home. Bohemian style is unique in that it essentially scraps the textbook’s definition of style and creates an aesthetic in and of itself. For this reason, the Bohemian style is essentially perfect for everyone and can be accomplished by the average person.

Colors and Materials

While Bohemian style can be described as not having any rules, there are some guidelines you will want to follow if you are planning on staying in the lines. As a general rule of thumb, neutrals and earthy colors are generally regarded as being within the style. These earthy tones are great base colors for your home, while other pops of color can be incorporated. These colors may include royal blue, yellow, orange, or even a deep purple. Combining different color palettes together will help to give your home a uniqueness within the style.

When it comes to different textures, do not be afraid to experiment. If you shy away from mixing textures, just try a little bit at first. For instance, you may get a pillowcase that is woven. Break away from the conventional ways of matching and styling to fully embrace the Bohemian style. A mix of textures and colors helps to break up the visual space, preventing your home decor from looking uniform. Some people may add wicker baskets or woven tapestries to their walls, while others may include a bamboo shelf perched in the corner. How much you want to mix textures and colors is completely up to you.

Living Room Furniture

The furniture that you decide on for your Bohemian style should reflect how the style lies within comfort and relaxation. Browsing discount furniture stores can help you to get a good idea of what you are looking for when it comes to your living room furniture. These types of furniture stores will have a lot of different items to choose from and can help you visualize the furniture in your space.

Think of each piece being unique and having enough gusto to tell its own story. Granted, each piece that you decide on from discount furniture stores does not have to be entirely unique, but a mix of different styles will compliment your space and give it a more comfortable atmosphere.

When it comes to selecting different pieces of furniture from discount furniture stores, you may not know where to begin. Often, the best place to start is by selecting your living room couch. From there, you could select chairs and then tables. You may want to make the couch the statement piece of the room or you may choose to have it blend in seamlessly with your style.

The average sofa can last seven to fifteen years. Look for couches that are plush, luxurious, and comfortable to sit in. You would not want to have anything too stiff in your home. As far as materials go, you will want to consider different types of materials. Popular materials for living room furniture for a Bohemian vibe include satin, velvet, and even leather.


When choosing lighting, the options are seemingly endless and the process of choosing lighting fixtures can become overwhelming quickly. Instead, focus on the basics of what you would like for your room. Do you want a light that is hanging down or do you want a fixture that is flushed to the wall?

Your Bohemian style can still be complete no matter which style of lighting you choose. However, the main styles for Bohemian light styles include those with a rattan light cover, pendant lights, and lights that have gold accents.

Styling your home does not have to be a headache. Head to your local discount furniture stores to pick up everything you need to turn your home into a Bohemian dream.

Signs You Need New Bedroom Furniture

New bedroom sets are a great way to make the space more personal and enjoyable to be in. When you have new pieces in your main bedrooms, such as the master bedroom or the guest room, you open up these spaces in whole new ways and make them more comfortable to be in.

Since you’ve likely had your bedroom set for many years and haven’t been to the furniture store in some time unless you needed a single replacement piece, it’s hard to know if you actually need new bedroom sets or not. Still, it’s worth thinking about and once you realize you do need new pieces, you have the joy of going to bedroom furniture stores to make your selection.

Many people shop for their discount furniture and other bedroom and living room pieces online; nearly 14% of all furniture sales are projected to be done online in the year 2021. You can shop online for your new furniture pieces or go to a home furniture store to get the items you need.

Here are signs you need new furniture for your bedrooms. Pick a budget so you can begin shopping for new pieces for your home.

You Have Mismatched Pieces

Is your bedroom furniture all mismatched? Do you want to have a more uniform or streamlined set of bedroom furniture in your home? New bedroom sets come in a variety of styles that all match in subtle or major ways so your bedroom can be more defined and true to your taste.

You Have Remodeled Your Room(s)

Have you recently remodeled your rooms? You should upgrade the bedroom furniture as a result, to make the space more invigorating and really make the changes stand out. When you do get new bedroom sets, you should make sure the sets revolve around the current style and design of your room so you can enjoy them longer.

You Have Broken Furniture

Is your headboard busted? Are the bed frames creaking and losing their allure? Are the dressers and night stands missing knobs and drawers? When your bedroom furniture is broken and lacking appeal, you should consider new leather furniture or other styles of new bedroom sets to make your living space more welcoming and give your room the modern and more cared-for appeal you desire.

Whether you have had your existing furniture sets for years or you are new to getting bedroom furniture sets of your own, you can find the items you want at your local furniture store. You’ll be able to have more joy in your furniture sets when you pick them out yourself or with the professional assistance of a store associate.

Five Reasons to Shop at a Discount Furniture Store

Choosing the best home furniture Indianapolis has to offer is really a balancing act. You want great furniture that is the height of homestyle, but you certainly do not want to go broke buying it. What is the solution?

How do you balance the need for great furniture with the need to stay in budget? The answer can be as simple as knowing where to shop. The right discount furniture store can help you find the balance that you need.

Why Should You Shop at a Discount Furniture Store?

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you have to sacrifice anything when you shop at a discount furniture store. Do not think because you are paying lower prices you are getting lower quality furniture, you will not.

There are many reasons why people in the know go to the discount furniture stores to buy home furnishings including:

  • The significant savings that they can find. Your furniture dollar can go much further.
  • The wide selection of high-quality furnishings for less.
  • The helpful staff that is always ready to provide you with assistance.
  • Furniture for the whole home. You can decorate every room in your house.
  • The great styles. Discount furniture stores have the cutting edge styles that can be hard to find in other stores.

Savvy shoppers have found that shopping at a discount furniture store delivers the full experience that shoppers really appreciate. They can choose from a wide range of inventory while staying within your budget.

A Stylish Home is Easy

The biggest reason that people are choosing to shop at discount furniture stores is that it simplifies life. There is nothing worse than feeling the stress of overpaying for furniture. At a discount store, you never have to worry that things will get out of control with your budget. It adds to the experience when you can find savings that make shopping worry-free.

The large inventory selection means that no matter what your vision is you can make it a reality when you shop a trusted furniture store that passes on great savings to their customers. The friendly staff ensures that you find everything that you need, and makes sure that you can count on a quick turn around on delivery times.

Before you buy another piece of furniture, check out what the trusted discount furniture store in Indianapolis has to offer. You will be glad you did.

How to Buy Bedroom Furniture Online

Shopping for bedroom sets from a brick and mortar store is pretty gratifying-you get to test out the different pieces before taking them home. The quick adoption of the internet presents a unique beat to buying bedroom furniture. Most furniture stores now incorporate fantastic images and virtual reality videos that mimic the experience in a physical store from the comfort of your home. Nowadays, your favorite bedroom set is only one click away. Check out eight tips to help you purchase bedroom furniture online.

1. Understand Your Style

The furniture that you shop online must align with the design and theme of your home. The furniture should fit your taste and preferences, thus enhancing your personality. Most online stores specialize in a particular style, from modern, minimalistic pieces to traditional and classic themes. Choose a store that speaks to your style.

2. Know Your Bedroom Layout

Purchasing bedroom furniture online can be a tricky shot, especially when your shipped king-size bed won’t fit in your space. It would be best if you measured out the size of your room. Double-check the dimensions of the furniture pieces. If the measurements are not available, contact the online furniture store to provide you with the actual sizes.

3. Check out The Inventory

The smaller the inventory at the online store, the more limited your options are. Find a well-stocked furniture shop with a variety of pieces that match your style. The bedroom sets should provide a full-spectrum of bedroom decoration and accessories. You should not compromise on quality. Good quality furniture and other beddings such as a mattress can last more than ten years when properly maintained.

4. Compare pricing

Online furniture shopping can quickly get out of hand, especially when you start impulse buying items that you don’t need. Prioritize the bedroom pieces that you need, and note them down. Compare the prices at different stores until you find affordable furniture sets. Additionally, you can take advantage of coupons and flash sales during holidays to enjoy massive discounts on your purchase.

5. Find out The Different Delivery Options Available

Nothing is as frustrating as buying a dresser that is left at the doorstep for you to take it in alone. Bedroom furniture stores offer different shipping options that the customer chooses from while ordering. These may include:

  • Front-door delivery.
  • Inside-delivery.
  • White glove delivery.

Furthermore, you should factor in the shipping prices as they may affect the total cost of the furniture.

6. Check out Their Return Policy

Your preferred online store should have a clear and concise return policy. Most furniture shops will provide you with a 30-day window, with some extending to 45 or 60 days, depending on the furniture piece. Please read the return policy on their website. Find out if there are any restocking fees. Who covers the return shipping fees?

7. Secure Website

Identity theft cases have been on the rise, with over 14.4 million consumers falling victim in 2019 alone. Your vendor will handle sensitive personal information, such as physical addresses and credit card information. It would be best if you buy bedroom furniture online from a store with a robust security policy.

Upgrading your bedroom set can bring back life to your spaces. Purchasing bedroom furniture online can save you time and money, as you can order anything for from the comfort of your couch. Use a site that you can trust, with an extensive inventory and one that matches your style.

8 Reasons to Buy Leather Furniture

If you’re like a lot of Americans looking for new furniture, you probably have trouble deciding on a style or fabric. Well, there’s one type of furniture that nearly everyone can love—leather furniture!

In fact, people have been using leather for clothing, shelter, and furnishings since at least 2200 B.C. That’s because leather offers so many benefits. Here’s what they are and why you should consider using it in your home, too.


One of the top reasons to visit some leather furniture stores is to find something durable to put in your home. No one wants to replace their living room furniture because it doesn’t hold up to wear and tear. A leather couch or chair can last four times as long as a fabric couch or chair, which makes it the most durable material out there. If you have pets or children, a leather sofa will be more likely to survive their jumping, clawing, and horseplay than a fabric one.

Low Maintenance

Besides being durable, leather is also low maintenance. Just imagine if you were to spill a glass of red wine on that trendy, white couch or a fabric armchair. You might never get the stain out. However, leather cleans easily, usually just by wiping up spills, and rarely stains. You don’t need to do much more than vacuum or use a leather spray once in a while; whereas, fabric could require professional cleaning, hand scrubbing, or slip cover machine washing.


Another great reason to browse leather furniture stores for your next purchase is because leather coordinates with just about anything. If you like a modern or rustic style, adding multiple leather pieces works particularly well. If you like farmhouse, bohemian, or eclectic furniture styles, a leather couch works as a nice anchoring piece. If you prefer a more traditional look, consider an English, rolled-arm club chair made from classic-looking leather.

Unique Colors

One of the best things about leather furniture is that it comes in every color imaginable and each piece will look different than the next. This unique quality makes decorating a breeze if you can’t decide on a color scheme for a room or if you can’t find something to match existing furniture. Let the leather piece stand out in a deep shade of cognac or blend in with a muted espresso hue.


You’ve probably heard that leather ages particularly well—it only gets better with time! Your sofa or favorite armchair will feel softer and more supple over the years. It’s also less likely to rip, fade, or be damaged by heat than fabric as the years pass.


If you’ve ever walked into any leather furniture stores, you’ve probably experienced the aromatic power of leather. Even candle companies try to mimic the smell! And unlike fabric, leather doesn’t absorb and hold unpleasant odors from spills or other smells.


There’s a reason you regularly see leather furniture in upscale hotels, bars, and restaurants. The material is timeless. The same leather sofa can transition seamlessly from one era to the next without anyone knowing its age. Leather furniture screams elegance, class, and luxury.


Even if the look or smell or ageless appeal of leather doesn’t get you—the comfort will. Leather fabric breathes in a way other fabrics can’t, which allows it to match the temperature of your body within moments. Leather also hugs you in a way a stiff, fabric piece never can. It even molds to your body over time.

If you’re on the hunt for new furniture, whether you want to replace your entire living room set or just a piece or two, you may want to consider shopping in leather furniture stores. Leather is a classic, age-defying material that’s worth the investment and instantly makes you feel at home.

No Summer Vacation? 7 Ways to Transform Your Bedroom Into a Getaway

If you’re like most Americans, your hopes for a blissful summer getaway may have been recently dashed. With many places closed or limiting capacity, you might be looking for new ways to relax and indulge. Well, don’t fret—you can bring those vacation vibes to your own home. And the best place to do it—your bedroom! Here’s how.

Buy Bedroom Furniture

Adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night. Many Americans—nearly 36%—regularly get fewer than 7. You’ve probably noticed that you sleep much better when you’re on vacation, though. Sure, you don’t have to worry about schedules or work on vacation, but you’re also probably sleeping on an amazing mattress, lounging on a beautiful chaise on a balcony, or swinging in a hammock by the sea during these snooze fests. You can bring those sleep-inducing scenarios into your home if you buy bedroom furniture online that fits the bill.

Replace your mattress for something that doesn’t make you ache in the morning—pay attention to the sleep positions that are most comfortable for you and buy accordingly. Have a more soothing and spa-like space when you buy bedroom furniture that reminds you of being by the sea or in a deep woods cabin. Buy bedroom furniture sets made from white-washed wood, drift wood, or blue-hues to get a coastal escape at home. Look for rustic furniture styles, such as knotty pine headboards, reclaimed wood dressers, or leather furniture to create your own lake retreat.

Invest in Luxurious Bedding

One of the easiest transformations you can make is to replace your bedding. Pay attention to thread count and color. The higher the count—the softer the bedding. Light tones of blue, grey, white, and cream are surefire ways to get a more tranquil atmosphere, while saturated or bright colors like red or yellow can sometimes do the opposite. Be sure to layer your bed with a topsheet, light blanket, comforter, and throw, which gives you options year-round. And don’t forget the pillows. Choose a few firm ones for propping yourself up, a few soft ones for comfort, and perhaps even a specialty pillow, such as one for around your neck or under your knees.

Create a Lounging Area

If you have enough space in your bedroom, create a lounging area. Most hotels have more than a bed and a few nightstands—your bedroom should too. Look for a cozy chaise lounge or an oversized chair. If you have a really large space, consider hanging a hammock or egg chair to remind you of time spent away from home.

Try New Lighting

Perhaps the most overlooked change you can make to your bedroom is new lighting. You should have more than one source in your bedroom. Install a chandelier for a touch of elegance, task lighting for reading, and a dimmer or low-light lamps for illumination.

Bring in New Scents

Nothing can transport you to your favorite destination quite like your sense of smell. Buy an aroma diffuser, candles, or room mist to enhance your space. If you’re looking for more serenity, try lavender or ylang-ylang. Missing your seaside escape? Try a sea salt infused aroma. You can even find candles that crackle like a campfire and emit smells of fir and suede or leather and embers.

Don’t Forget Pictures

If you’re missing a summer vacation, hang pictures in your bedroom that remind you of that place. You can use photos of trips you took in the past, abstract paintings with the same colors of your favorite spot, or make a shadow box from souvenirs, such as seashells, stones, leaves, or dried flowers.

Add Some Hotel-esque Amenities

To top it all off, add some amenities that you find in your favorite resort. Create a coffee bar to enjoy breakfast in bed. Install a flatscreen television and surround sound to have romantic movie nights. Or, if you really want to splurge, redo your master bathroom with an over-the-top showerhead or whirlpool bathtub.

This summer might be a little different for everyone. If you’ve had to cancel your summer plans, try bringing a bit of that beloved vacation home with some of these tips. Transforming your bedroom might not be the same as being there, but it can be a nice second.

living room furniture

Living Room Color Trends Can Set the Right Tone for Your Living Room

The one place everyone tends to meet in a home is the living room. It’s where the kids hang out to watch movies and play video games, spouses commune to watch sports, and people generally gravitate when you have visitors over. The living room is also the place for you to relax and read or catch up with your favorite Netflix shows. The whole point is that you and your family do a major amount of ‘living’ in that room. It needs to be comfortable and have the right tone that sets everyone at ease. The main star of any living room is the living room furniture.

How Old Is Your Sofa?

Did you know that the average lifespan of a sofa is 7 to 15 years? How old is your couch? Has it seen better days? There are great couches for sale from furniture stores in Indiana that will help you create a gorgeous living room whether you are interested in buying leather furniture or discount furniture. Bring your living room to life with colors of living room furniture that fit your décor, color, theme, style, and price range. Make the room unique with a wealth of living room furniture options including lift chairs and recliners, sectionals and sectional pieces, loveseats and sofas, bookcases, end tables, benches, entertainment consoles, trunks, cocktail tables and much more. When you start purchasing furniture, stick with the color choices you prefer that fit trendy themes ready to refresh and wake up your living room.

Rich and Luxurious Colors Can Transform Living Rooms into Pure Treasure

When you think of treasure, think of deep purple, red, green, and blue jewel tones with hues that are dark and rich. These darker tones work well in smaller living rooms that make the space seem cozier. Select rich fabrics for living room furniture and you will be rewarded with a gorgeous space that is transformed into your very own treasure trove of jewels that impresses visitors. A tip to completely alter a living room with this color scheme is to choose darker colors for the walls so you feel enveloped by color.

Keep the Mood Light with Subdued and Soft Colors

Brace yourself for a color trend that sounds like it contradicts itself. Multicolored neutrals in soft shades give the ability to include color that doesn’t scream at you. Subtle color tones tend to be more relaxing. Try choosing two complimenting soft shades keeping on shade neutral and the other a soft pastel such as yellow, blue, green, or even purple. Light, easygoing colors with well-thought-out accents give the idea that you’ve used engaging colors without going overboard.

There Is Nothing Basic About Blue

Tried, true, and trendy is the color blue. A long-time favorite, the blue hue can go from traditional to contemporary while offering comfort and style. Living room furniture in shades of blue is gorgeous when paired with taupe, wood, rich, and sandy browns as well as many other earth tones. Pairing different shades of blue together is a trend for living spaces that is collectively well-regarded.

Gray Is the Hot New Supportive Color

Do you think of drab when you think of the color gray? Nothing is drab about gray. Think of the neutral tone as being a supportive color that allows vibrant colors to bring drama and depth to a living room. Gray is a smart color choice for larger pieces of furniture such as sofas. Slip the color in seamlessly and enjoy the ability to change accent colors as often as you like without the need to reinvent a whole new color scheme.

The Weaving Power of White

Fresh, clean and bright is white. White has staying power when it comes to decorating a living room. Liven up your space with white and additional colors whether bright or pastel. Change colors for seasons, or weave color schemes cohesively with white as the contemporary base. The appeal of white can make even the smallest rooms seem much bigger too.

furniture styles

What Are Your Furniture Styles?

Choosing the right furniture styles for your home is vital to your comfort and to expressing your home style, which is an expression of your personal style. Why type of message do you want your space to express?

Many people think that if they are committed to certain furniture styles for one room that means the rest of the home has to be committed to those furniture styles as well. You do not have to stick with one style.

So Many Furniture Styles to Choose From

Decorating your space starts with getting familiar with all the different furniture styles. Knowing what you are looking for in your home furniture will make it easier to narrow down your options. There are several furniture styles that are very popular including:

  • Traditional. Traditional home furniture has a long history and comes in a range of sub-categories. This type of furniture is ideal for someone that likes a more formal look in their home.
  • Modern. Modern furniture is edgy, it can be minimalist, and add that up to the minute look with clean lines that many people prefer.
  • Contemporary. Contemporary style furniture is categorized at furniture that is popular right now, and it can fall into a wide range of categories.

How do you know which bedroom furniture is right for you or which home office furniture is going to keep you productive? You start by deciding what you want the room to deliver. Choosing the right furniture styles of your space relies heavily on what message you want to convey with your space.

Express Yourself

What do you want your home to say? The right furniture styles can help your home speak to you. For example, a big overstuffed leather couch will beckon you and the family to come and get cozy. A comfortable leather office chair will help you to get the work done that you want in your home office.

Are you more casual than formal? Do you want to create a space that is comfortable and casual that encourages people to take a seat and visit for a while? Or, are you a bit more reserved and envision a white tufted leather couch, glass tables, and a perfectly edited space?

The best thing about furnishings for the home, is that you can create a different feel in every single room to suit your mood. Don’t believe the hype you do not have to have just one furniture style in your home.

Shop at the right furniture store and find the perfect furniture to meet all your decorating needs.