What to Look for in a Great Couch

Couches Are Really Important

Lets face it, in addition to being one of the largest and most eye catching pieces of furniture, couches are also the most used, and not just for sitting. Over a third of adults report that they sleep less than 7 hours each night, and many of those are using a couch to catch a quick cat nap at some point during the day.

When looking for couches for sale there are several important factors to consider. Of course how the couch looks is important, especially if being displayed as home office furniture where business meetings might occur, however a great couch has more than just good looks.

Selecting the BEST Couches for Sale

A well selected couch can really bring a room together. In addition to having a satisfying and beautiful finishing touch to the room, every couch purchase should be made with these four considerations in mind: size, practicality, longevity, and comfort.

Picking the Right Size: When looking for couches for sale, the right size for the room is very important. A large living room will have vastly different size requirements than an office space. When looking to bring a trendy new sofa into a room, be sure to scale out the size of the sofa and the size of the room it will be landing in. In addition to taking up space, a couch will also change the ‘flow of traffic’ in a room or between rooms by naturally designating certain spaces as ‘walkways.’ It is vitally important to be sure that a couch will leave comfortable walking space in necessary areas of a room. Additionally, a couch that is too large or too small will end up looking a bit awkward in a room. Be sure to take your time sizing out the right couch for a room.

Practical Uses of the Couch: Just like with size, the practicality of a couch will be partly determined by the room it will be in. An office couch should be comfortable, yet firm. This will allow office guests a great place to sit, without feeling like they are sinking into the couch. Couches for living spaces, especially those with a T.V. or entertainment center, should be oriented to allow everyone to comfortably speak with each other or watch a show. Also, couches in these settings tend to be a little wider, allowing users to comfortably lay down to take a nap or watch a movie. The last aspect of practicality is transporting the couch. Consider what space you have to get the couch inside the home and into the room. If you need to move the couch down a staircase with sharp corners and not a lot of space, it will be very difficult to do so with a couch that only comes in large pieces. Sectionals are great for these situations because they can easily be taken apart to move into and out of rooms.

How Long Will it Last: Of course this will be very different not just from couch to couch, but also different household situations. If there are lots of kids running around and playing in the home, or if there are dogs that are allowed on the furniture, this will probably cut into the life of the sofa. However, just like with major kitchen appliances, sofa quality will improve durability regardless the home situation. When thinking about a sofa budget, think for the long term. Getting a cheap sofa might seem great now – until the fabric rips and needs to be replaced within a month. Low quality sofas also tend to develop lumpy spots and become very uncomfortable over time. Keep a big picture focus here and invest wisely.

Comfortable Feel:┬áIn addition to durability, practicality, and size, a sofa needs to be comfortable! You will probably have this couch for over 10 years. When looking for couches for sale, don’t be afraid to test them out in store. Sit down for several minutes, use the arm rests, lay down. Get a feel for the couch. This is super important for long term satisfaction!

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Household Items To Splurge On

When you first move into your own home buying furniture can be overwhelming. It can be expensive to buy new furniture for your whole house. There are three things that should always be bought new if possible. Those are your mattress, your couch, and even your home office chair.

Your Couch

When selecting your future couch, you should always consider buying it new from a furniture store. A couch is one of the most used pieces of furniture in the entire house. It comes in contact with bare feet, sweat, pets, and all sorts of things. Couches can get very dirty quickly, and you never know what you are truly coming in contact with when purchasing a used couch. Considering that the average lifespan of a sofa is 7 to 15 years, it is worth it to splurge on this item when searching for couches for sale.

Your Mattress

You never know what kind of wear and tear a used mattress has gone through. Germs and bacteria can easily soak into a mattress, and no amount of cleaning is going to get it out. Also, a mattress truly affects your health and wellness. If you are unable to get a good nights sleep due to a mattress not being exactly to your liking, your health can end up suffering. Many bedroom furniture stores sell mattresses, so go in and test a few out in order to find your perfect one. If you take care of your new mattress, it can last you 10 years or more.

Home office chair

Your home office is a very important room in the house. It is where someone goes to escape the world and focus on important matters at hand. Often times, it involves making some money. It is very important to eliminate all outside distraction when working, and having the correct home office furniture can do just that. If you are sitting in an uncomfortable or broken office chair, your focus will end up being on that instead of your work. Luckily, home office furniture can be inexpensive and won’t completely break the bank.

At the end of the day, any furniture that you can bring into your first home will be special. Whether it is new, used, or borrowed, it will help make your house a home. Don’t stress the situation too much, and make purchasing new furniture for your home a new goal in life. Everything will fall into place.

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