4 Home Office Furniture Trends for 2019

According to Furniture Today, furniture sales are expected to reach $122 billion by 2020. Much of that furniture is built especially for use in offices in homes and businesses.

If you’re looking for a home office furniture set, you’ll want to know about the current trends in office furniture. We’ve got our finger on the pulse in that realm and have a few ideas to help get yours off to a good start.

Smart Furniture

Smart products are everywhere, from home security systems to wearable technology, so it’s no surprise that smart furniture is showing up in offices.

From chairs that let you know when you’re slouching, to AI standing desks that remind you when to stretch, to couches that measure your biometrics — smart furniture is only becoming increasingly popular, especially in the workplace.

Smart furniture comes in elegant designs, made with sleek materials that bring a modern vibe into any office, corporate or in-home. Meanwhile, the technologies communicate with other smart devices and electronics via IoT, continually bridging any remaining technological gaps. Join this trend by assembling a home office furniture set with smart abilities built-in.

Natural Lighting

We gravitate towards natural light, and it’s not just because it’s nicer to see things in. We know that natural light does wonders for our health and our general sense of well being.

While workplaces are notorious for being less than happy places, whether at home or in an office, they don’t have to be that way. Sunshine is a natural antidepressant, and bright light makes people feel more uplifted, energized, and cheerful.

So instead of thinking long and hard about what blinds to use in your office, maybe you should forgo the use of blinds altogether? Or get curtains with the intention to leave them open most of the time, only drawing them closed when you need extra privacy?

As 2019 continues, there’s a continued push towards including elements from nature and the outdoors in our workplaces. If you can’t use actual sunlight to compliment your home office furniture set, consider buying special lamps that are designed to mimic natural outdoor light.

Botanical Work Places

Along with sunlight and lamps designed to mimic it, offices are becoming greener — literally — with indoor plants.

We’re attracted to nature, and we live better lives when we interact with it regularly. Simply going for a walk once a day can help to alleviate symptoms of depression, along with a whole host of other health conditions. The belief that people have an innate emotional connection with nature is nothing new, but in spite of it, we’ve somehow managed to put up with dark and dingy cubicles for decades.

Fortunately for all of us, that’s changing in 2019. Now, office design is fully aware of the benefits we receive when exposed to natural environments. From indoor gardens to moss walls, people are finding more and more ways to incorporate nature within the office environment.

Accentuate your home office furniture set with potted plants or indoor trees to bring this trend into your home office.

Abstract Design

This year’s top office furniture design trends are intended to engage our minds and stimulate productive thinking. One way of doing that is with abstract and geometric designs, which tickle the brain and trigger creative thought.

Geometric patterning is a trend that overtook industrial architecture not long ago, and now it’s making its way into home office furniture sets. Certain shapes — particularly curved ones — cause the mind to feel calm and help us process information faster and more clearly.

So the strange furniture pieces inspired by modern art have a purpose beyond looking cool. They’re brain candy, designed specifically to draw out our best ideas and peak performance.

Home office design isn’t just about basic functionality. Yes, you need a basic desk that can hold your work supplies, but does that inspire creative thought?

As a society, we’re starting to move away from the “hustle culture” of the industrial work age. We’re not only concerned with how furniture functions, or even how comfortable it is for our bodies as we use it. We also take into consideration how it impacts our minds, and our abilities to work effectively.

4 Interior Design Trends to Make Your House Pop

Interior design is ephemeral, with each season ushering in new styles and fresh takes on old ideas. Despite the dynamic nature of this industry (where homeowners and decorators spent $121 billion in 2016 alone), you can tap into what catches your eye to give your home a timeless identity. From home furniture to texture, here are some ideas on the latest home decor trends to watch.

1. Natural Elements

There is a resurgence of natural material as part of what comprises home decor design. When you hear talk of natural elements in home decor, think of design strategies that seek to connect your home’s style to nature. These can involve infusing your home furniture with specific natural elements. A great example of this is getting a wooden bedside stand that has a marble or granite top. Or the more classic wooden kitchen island with a granite or marble top.

Aside from blending the home furniture itself with these natural elements, you can incorporate greenery into your decor for a touch of the outdoors. Are you eco-conscious? Then using kitchen or living room furniture made from reclaimed wood will add a layer of purpose to your space. You can share the story behind such furniture during social gatherings to inspire others towards your mission while still looking elegant.

Sunlight is also a notable aspect when riding the natural elements theme for your home decor. Add some white drapes to give your house a touch of elegance while letting the sunshine in with all its glory.

When you don’t want to undertake a remodel, there are some portable natural design pieces you can bring in to accentuate nature’s touch in your home. In-floor standing planters give you the versatility to adorn various rooms as you see fit. Geodes are excellent at giving your space a geological feel while being functional. For example, you can place geodes on your home office furniture to act as bookends.

2. Velvet in the Room

The perception behind velvet as furnishing has changed. From velvet being looked down on as an old person’s design choice, it is now perceived as furnishing that gives your home furniture that comforting feel and a classic look. In your living room, couches are the best place to apply this material. Since a couch will give you seven to 15 years of good service, using velvet can give your home that unique feel while being comfortable to the touch for the couch’s lifetime.

3. Multifunctional Furniture

Using furniture in the home that can deliver different functions is taking root not just in small homes but big ones as well. For small spaces, multipurpose furniture allows you to do more with less. For example, a spacious yet stylish futon that’s part of your living room furniture not only accentuates your house but guests can sleep on it as well.

For bigger houses where space is not an issue, multifunctional furniture serves to deliver convenience. For example, incorporating a full body mirror stand as part of your bedroom furniture that has an inner chamber to hold jewelry makes it a one-stop center for accessorizing every morning.

4. Texture

Texture has the unique ability to make you see and feel material that influences your perspective. The interplay of texture in home decor is an emerging trend that holds great potential if you use it properly.

If you want to enhance the softness of a bedroom, for example, you can use light fixtures sporting a feather design. The light that the fixture will emit will deliver a soft glow. Wicker storage baskets are another popular example of how texture can make a room’s design pop.

Style Your House to Reflect Your Identity

Although it is ephemeral in nature, you can still give your house decor that surpasses any brief fads. Whether it is through using texture or natural design touches, focus on making your home a space you can be proud of no matter the current trend.