A Guide to Boho Style for Your Home

Boho is also referred to as Bohemian and it is a style characterized by creating a relaxed, cozy, and interesting space in your home. Bohemian style is unique in that it essentially scraps the textbook’s definition of style and creates an aesthetic in and of itself. For this reason, the Bohemian style is essentially perfect for everyone and can be accomplished by the average person.

Colors and Materials

While Bohemian style can be described as not having any rules, there are some guidelines you will want to follow if you are planning on staying in the lines. As a general rule of thumb, neutrals and earthy colors are generally regarded as being within the style. These earthy tones are great base colors for your home, while other pops of color can be incorporated. These colors may include royal blue, yellow, orange, or even a deep purple. Combining different color palettes together will help to give your home a uniqueness within the style.

When it comes to different textures, do not be afraid to experiment. If you shy away from mixing textures, just try a little bit at first. For instance, you may get a pillowcase that is woven. Break away from the conventional ways of matching and styling to fully embrace the Bohemian style. A mix of textures and colors helps to break up the visual space, preventing your home decor from looking uniform. Some people may add wicker baskets or woven tapestries to their walls, while others may include a bamboo shelf perched in the corner. How much you want to mix textures and colors is completely up to you.

Living Room Furniture

The furniture that you decide on for your Bohemian style should reflect how the style lies within comfort and relaxation. Browsing discount furniture stores can help you to get a good idea of what you are looking for when it comes to your living room furniture. These types of furniture stores will have a lot of different items to choose from and can help you visualize the furniture in your space.

Think of each piece being unique and having enough gusto to tell its own story. Granted, each piece that you decide on from discount furniture stores does not have to be entirely unique, but a mix of different styles will compliment your space and give it a more comfortable atmosphere.

When it comes to selecting different pieces of furniture from discount furniture stores, you may not know where to begin. Often, the best place to start is by selecting your living room couch. From there, you could select chairs and then tables. You may want to make the couch the statement piece of the room or you may choose to have it blend in seamlessly with your style.

The average sofa can last seven to fifteen years. Look for couches that are plush, luxurious, and comfortable to sit in. You would not want to have anything too stiff in your home. As far as materials go, you will want to consider different types of materials. Popular materials for living room furniture for a Bohemian vibe include satin, velvet, and even leather.


When choosing lighting, the options are seemingly endless and the process of choosing lighting fixtures can become overwhelming quickly. Instead, focus on the basics of what you would like for your room. Do you want a light that is hanging down or do you want a fixture that is flushed to the wall?

Your Bohemian style can still be complete no matter which style of lighting you choose. However, the main styles for Bohemian light styles include those with a rattan light cover, pendant lights, and lights that have gold accents.

Styling your home does not have to be a headache. Head to your local discount furniture stores to pick up everything you need to turn your home into a Bohemian dream.

Signs You Need New Bedroom Furniture

New bedroom sets are a great way to make the space more personal and enjoyable to be in. When you have new pieces in your main bedrooms, such as the master bedroom or the guest room, you open up these spaces in whole new ways and make them more comfortable to be in.

Since you’ve likely had your bedroom set for many years and haven’t been to the furniture store in some time unless you needed a single replacement piece, it’s hard to know if you actually need new bedroom sets or not. Still, it’s worth thinking about and once you realize you do need new pieces, you have the joy of going to bedroom furniture stores to make your selection.

Many people shop for their discount furniture and other bedroom and living room pieces online; nearly 14% of all furniture sales are projected to be done online in the year 2021. You can shop online for your new furniture pieces or go to a home furniture store to get the items you need.

Here are signs you need new furniture for your bedrooms. Pick a budget so you can begin shopping for new pieces for your home.

You Have Mismatched Pieces

Is your bedroom furniture all mismatched? Do you want to have a more uniform or streamlined set of bedroom furniture in your home? New bedroom sets come in a variety of styles that all match in subtle or major ways so your bedroom can be more defined and true to your taste.

You Have Remodeled Your Room(s)

Have you recently remodeled your rooms? You should upgrade the bedroom furniture as a result, to make the space more invigorating and really make the changes stand out. When you do get new bedroom sets, you should make sure the sets revolve around the current style and design of your room so you can enjoy them longer.

You Have Broken Furniture

Is your headboard busted? Are the bed frames creaking and losing their allure? Are the dressers and night stands missing knobs and drawers? When your bedroom furniture is broken and lacking appeal, you should consider new leather furniture or other styles of new bedroom sets to make your living space more welcoming and give your room the modern and more cared-for appeal you desire.

Whether you have had your existing furniture sets for years or you are new to getting bedroom furniture sets of your own, you can find the items you want at your local furniture store. You’ll be able to have more joy in your furniture sets when you pick them out yourself or with the professional assistance of a store associate.