The Top Furniture Color Trends for 2020

Home furnishing and furniture purchases are projected to comprise nearly 13.6% of all e-commerce retail sales int the U.S. by 2021. Fortunately, this gives buyers access to numerous online discount furniture stores right in the comfort of their own homes. This also provides the benefit of being able to compare pieces with the current style of your home as opposed to getting to a furniture store only to forget what shade you were supposed to be matching.

While a brick and mortar store may have a few of the colors you’re looking for, many times they may have to order them and have them delivered. Shopping online helps save you time and gives you the ability to compare the colors around your home to those online to see if they would look good.

To help make shopping for these latest color trends even easier, here are the most popular shades to gain popularity in 2020.

1. Jewel Tones

Whether used to thoroughly saturate a room or stand out as an accent piece against a neutral backdrop, jewel tones such as magenta, ocher, blues, and greens have seen a surge in popularity. Perfect for adding a dramatic flair, adding these tones to your living room can help set it apart from all the others. Consider searching for discount furniture pieces in these shades if you want to add a warm pop of color to your home.

2. Navy Blue

Often seen as a calming and refreshing color, navy blue has come in strong during the latter part of this year. Able to be paired with neutral tones and even other accent tones, such as yellow or pink, this color is both versatile and comforting. Bedrooms, in particular, can benefit from this relaxing shade, and thankfully many discount furniture stores offer a wide selection of items in this color. Perfect for both modern and old-style home designs, this is one color to keep in mind.

3. Avocado Green

Green is a color that helps promote relaxation, and avocado green has just enough warmth to combine that with a feeling of togetherness and comfort. This rich hue is both sophisticated and unique. With a pop similar to that of brighter colors, coupled with the depth of its vibrancy, this color can be paired with neutrals, ebony, and even vividly painted accent pieces. Adding a couch in this color to your living space can be a great way to bring additional depth to your living space.

4. Earth Tones and Organics

Warmer earth tones have been growing in popularity alongside natural woods and neutral organic shades. Deep chocolate brown, rich wine, and olive green have all become much sought after colors for modern home designs. A dark brown loveseat matched with olive-colored accent pillows or a vibrant wine-colored rug can add an extra oomph to your living room. Similarly, dining rooms designed with brighter organic tones can create a more open, cleaner feeling space.

Colors for Every Room

Whether you enjoy richer and deeper hues or lighter more neutral tones, you can be sure to find something that matches your dream design. If you are looking to update your home to match some of these incredible trends, feel free to sit back and check out some of the discount furniture available for you online. Finding the right furniture and decor pieces for your home has never been easier.