6 Trends Shaping Interior Design in 2020 and 2021

Interior design is always presenting alternative possibilities you can infuse into your interior to invigorate the style and enhance functionality. You can incorporate refreshing ideas from the most recent trends, particularly if you’re looking for a distinct style. From wallpaper prints to couch pillows, here’s what will make waves as we approach 2021.

More Color and Warmth

One of the top interior design trends is to use bold monochromatic colors. They have a rich vibe that speaks of the elegance and eccentric style that is your home. You can splash these colors on flooring, walls, the couch, and fabrics.

You can also make the interior pop by using vibrant colors to paint interior doors. For a long time, there has been a tendency to use only white or black colors for the door.

But designers in 2020 are embracing earth tones like chocolate brown, olive green, and yellow ochre. These tones can bring out the warmth of the room more than the cooler tones that were making waves in the last decade.

Layering Fabrics

The clear-cut lines of modern spaces can be elegant, but they can also take away the warmth from the room. Your home may end up feeling more like a furniture store than a homely space full of life.

You can add a warm vibe to the room by layering several types of fabrics on your new couch. Consider mixing different textiles and using a few art pieces to make your living room cozier.

Eccentric Prints and Hues

Using floral wallpapers is another trend that is making a comeback in 2020. Geometric patterns of the past are gone, and colorful designs are taking over. You can use colorful prints for couch pillows, cushions, and comfy fabrics to arouse interest and drama.

Multi-Functional Spaces

As our day-to-day lifestyle evolves, many people are taking their work home or are looking to use their home office regularly. So you must rethink the organization of interior spaces and work on making the room multi-purpose. That means thinking through elements of the layout, such as placing the couch and living room decor.

Sustainability and Eco-friendly Options

In recent years, there has been a steady rise in environmental awareness. As a result, homeowners are increasingly thinking about the ecological implications of buying household furnishings like a couch or coffee table. Designers are looking to incorporate features that have a lower impact on the environment.

For example, manufacturers are designing eco-friendly fireplaces and HVAC equipment. Today, energy efficiency is a critical aspect of designing the interior. Consumers will favor goods produced through sustainable processes and renewable materials.

Biophilic Designs

Biophilic designs incorporate vegetation to make the space functional and aesthetically pleasing. By mimicking the patterns and forms of nature, the interior can positively affect our mental well-being.

Most of the recent interior design trends focus on warmth, layering fabrics, and infusing nature into the room. The aim is to create tranquil areas for relaxation that are also ideal for working. A critical factor, especially now that most homes are transforming into multi-functional space.

5 Must-Know Types of Leather When Buying Leather Furniture

While leather is among the most preferred material for making home furniture, little is known about the different types of leather. Leather is cost-effective and it gives your home a classy, exquisite look. Read on to learn more about the different types of leather in the market.

1. Full-Grain Leather

Full-grain leather is made by removing hair from the hide of an animal. The fact that little is done to refine its texture makes it the strongest and the most water-resistant type of leather. With this type of leather, you can achieve any type of interior decor, whether it is traditional, Scandinavian, or any other style.

Upon use, full-grain leather gains a patina, making it more attractive. When you want to make a timeless statement with your living room decor or living room furniture, go for items made from full-grain leather.

2. Top-Grain Leather

Top-grain leather is made by sanding and buffing the hide after removing animal hair. This type of leather does not have blemishes from the original hide. Through processing, it becomes soft and pliable. Top-grain leather is shiny and enchanting.

To achieve a vivacious feel in any room in your home, go for furniture made with top grain leather. Since this leather is pliable, you can use it to make a leather furniture set that makes any room have a vibrant and attractive feel.

3. Genuine Leather

When buying leather furniture you may want it customized to suit your unique taste in terms of color, pattern, or numbers, or names. Genuine leather allows you to do that.

Genuine leather is made by processing the surface of any layer of the hide. The surface is refined to achieve a uniform or blended outward appearance. This leather maintains the quality of the hide. Genuine leather is easy to customize so it is versatile when it comes to interior decor.

4. Split-Grain Leather

The layer of leather right above an animal’s flesh is the split-grain leather. While it is not strong, this type of leather is key in making finishes on any kind of leather furniture. Projects, especially DIY, for home decor, can make use of split-grain leather. Buying leather furniture can be a daunting task, but knowing the features of split-grain leather will help you avoid buying substandard items.

5. Bonded Leather

It is advisable to avoid this type of leather when buying leather furniture. Bonded leather is made from scraps of shredded leather. When processed, it is painted and bound together using chemicals or latex. Remember that this is the cheapest and lowest quality of leather.

Every adult should sleep for seven to nine hours each day. Bedroom furniture determines the quality of sleep. Buying leather furniture for the warmth and comfort it brings to your bedroom could help ensure you get enough sleep each night. Most importantly, get the most suitable leather type for your bed’s headboard or favorite couch.