8 Reasons to Buy Leather Furniture

If you’re like a lot of Americans looking for new furniture, you probably have trouble deciding on a style or fabric. Well, there’s one type of furniture that nearly everyone can love—leather furniture!

In fact, people have been using leather for clothing, shelter, and furnishings since at least 2200 B.C. That’s because leather offers so many benefits. Here’s what they are and why you should consider using it in your home, too.


One of the top reasons to visit some leather furniture stores is to find something durable to put in your home. No one wants to replace their living room furniture because it doesn’t hold up to wear and tear. A leather couch or chair can last four times as long as a fabric couch or chair, which makes it the most durable material out there. If you have pets or children, a leather sofa will be more likely to survive their jumping, clawing, and horseplay than a fabric one.

Low Maintenance

Besides being durable, leather is also low maintenance. Just imagine if you were to spill a glass of red wine on that trendy, white couch or a fabric armchair. You might never get the stain out. However, leather cleans easily, usually just by wiping up spills, and rarely stains. You don’t need to do much more than vacuum or use a leather spray once in a while; whereas, fabric could require professional cleaning, hand scrubbing, or slip cover machine washing.


Another great reason to browse leather furniture stores for your next purchase is because leather coordinates with just about anything. If you like a modern or rustic style, adding multiple leather pieces works particularly well. If you like farmhouse, bohemian, or eclectic furniture styles, a leather couch works as a nice anchoring piece. If you prefer a more traditional look, consider an English, rolled-arm club chair made from classic-looking leather.

Unique Colors

One of the best things about leather furniture is that it comes in every color imaginable and each piece will look different than the next. This unique quality makes decorating a breeze if you can’t decide on a color scheme for a room or if you can’t find something to match existing furniture. Let the leather piece stand out in a deep shade of cognac or blend in with a muted espresso hue.


You’ve probably heard that leather ages particularly well—it only gets better with time! Your sofa or favorite armchair will feel softer and more supple over the years. It’s also less likely to rip, fade, or be damaged by heat than fabric as the years pass.


If you’ve ever walked into any leather furniture stores, you’ve probably experienced the aromatic power of leather. Even candle companies try to mimic the smell! And unlike fabric, leather doesn’t absorb and hold unpleasant odors from spills or other smells.


There’s a reason you regularly see leather furniture in upscale hotels, bars, and restaurants. The material is timeless. The same leather sofa can transition seamlessly from one era to the next without anyone knowing its age. Leather furniture screams elegance, class, and luxury.


Even if the look or smell or ageless appeal of leather doesn’t get you—the comfort will. Leather fabric breathes in a way other fabrics can’t, which allows it to match the temperature of your body within moments. Leather also hugs you in a way a stiff, fabric piece never can. It even molds to your body over time.

If you’re on the hunt for new furniture, whether you want to replace your entire living room set or just a piece or two, you may want to consider shopping in leather furniture stores. Leather is a classic, age-defying material that’s worth the investment and instantly makes you feel at home.

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