Color Trends for Fall 2019

Furniture sales are estimated to represent 13.6% of all e-commerce sales in 2021, but sales are hardly low in the meantime. Every year and every season, millions of people are eager to update their home’s furnishing and decor to reflect the trends of the time. And with fall upon us, it’s time to take a look at the top colors of the new season.

From dining room furniture to bedroom sets, from living room couches to your home office — the following are the top color trends for furniture and decor in fall 2019.


Purple is a big shade for this season, and it’s easy to see why: besides being warm and comforting, it’s dramatic, bold, and conveys a sense of regality.

For introducing a bold color like purple into your decor, pick a key piece of furniture to show it off. Then surround it with more neutral colors like forest greens and grays to ground the look.

Peacock Blue

Just a few shades over from purple is our next fall color: peacock blue. It’s a very strong look that is best paired with a lighter color, such as millennial pink. Adding the softer color will prevent the blue from being too overpowering.

Using a deep shade of blue like this for curtains or tableware can add depth to your dining room, especially when you combine them with floral cushions or mustard-colored accents.

Blush and Green

This delightful trend will add a comforting presence to see us through the gloomier winter months. Blush and green work extraordinarily well together. You can go all out and buy new wallpaper reflecting this trend, or play it small and get some matching accent pieces to bring into your home.

Neutral Colors

For those who aren’t particularly fond of bold colors, neutral colors are also going to be “in” this season. Pale woods, oatmeal, and rust tones are excellent choices for creating an elegant, stylish, and sophisticated appearance. Organic-shaped accents and lighting also serve this trend well.

Black Furniture

From dining room chairs to coffee tables, black is making a jump from the accessory trends of last year to full-blown furniture styles. Black furniture creates a compelling silhouette, has a very modern feel, and can be quite striking when carefully matched with bright-colored accessories.

Black Kitchens

Black is making a comeback as a popular color for decor, and it’s making its grand entrance right outside our dining rooms: in the kitchen. 2020 is predicted to bring with it some bold cabinetry colors, including shades of green, cool gray tones, and, of course, lots of black.

Black implies sophistication, depth, and drama, and adds these perceived qualities to the space where it’s used. It’s especially dramatic when combined with cool stainless appliances and well-positioned lighting.

Pigment-Style Paint

A new fall/winter trend from Crown Paint is called “pigment.” It was inspired by the studios of great masters where colors are reduced to pigments and particles. The result is a luxurious texture, giving the impression of balance, warmth, and safety.

The pigment style of paint can be created using various colors, tones, and textures. You literally get to treat your walls like a canvas.

Retro Graphics

One cost-effective way to keep up with this fall’s trends is to update smaller accent items around your house. You can replace your bedding, setup new potted plants, lay down a throw or two, and hang stylish pictures on the wall without breaking the bank.

An excellent style to go for in this manner of light redecorating is retro, which is still popular this fall. Clean lines and geometric shapes inspired by the Bauhaus movement make an intriguing addition to almost any existing decor.


‘Tis the season for snuggling under mounds of blankets, and this fall’s trends reflect that in another style for this year. Throws, pillows, and quilts adorn furniture, while rugs are layered on the floor. This gives a distinctly warm, cozy look to any room.

If you try this style, look for warm autumnal colors like amber, moss green, and blues. Vintage-inspired prints make an excellent contribution to this trend as well.

From regal purples to timeless neutrals to classic fall shades, these are some of this fall’s top color trends.

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