How to Choose the Right Furniture Set for Your Living Room

Leather furniture sets may have been around for longer than we think — in fact, the very earliest leather artifacts we have been able to find date all the way back to 2,200 BC.

Whether you prefer leather furniture sets or good old upholstery, the task of furnishing your home can become an anxiety-inducing experience if you aren’t careful. After all, furniture purchases are big investments for many people, and because of the comparative expense, they seem final and irreversible. But with some smart shopping tactics, you’ll be able to bring down your stress and make the best decisions without feeling overwhelmed.

To help you choose the right furniture set for your living room, try using the following tips.

Decide What You Like

Before you start shopping, make a list of everything you’d like to have featured in your living room furniture. Think about colors, patterns, and textures that you particularly like. You may think about different styles or textures that you can mix together. As long as you do it tastefully, it is perfectly acceptable to combine different styles this way.

If you don’t trust yourself to mix and match styles, try restricting your ideas to one of the following categories:

  • Casual: Comfortable and earthy, with a lot of emphasis on woods.
  • Contemporary: Sharp and angular, with an emphasis on metallic surfaces.
  • Country: Rustic and soft, with floral prints and painted woods.
  • Traditional: What you might expect to find in your grandmother’s house — dark redwood, chintz, and damask; leather furniture sets and antiques often fit into this category.
  • Eclectic: Either ethnic or artisan pieces, typically highly individualized. Lots of furniture stores offer cheaper alternatives to authentic pieces in this category.

In most cases, you will want to choose a specific theme for each room of your house, including your living room. Once you know what general theme to shoot for, choose something from outside that theme to serve as an accent. This could be a contemporary couch in an otherwise traditional room, for example.

The best way to figure out what works is by looking at lots of pictures on the internet. That will help you to decide what looks nice together according to your tastes. Pinterest boards and interior design forums are both great places to look. Of course, you can also buy design magazines and create a vision board out of the pictures that speak to you.

Think About Your Existing Decor

If you aren’t furnishing your home or living room for the first time, then you already have some furnishings and decorations. Look at the furniture and other decor you already have, and think about what would look good alongside it. Can you combine the sort of furniture you want with what you already have?

If the styles you have decided upon are simply too different from what you already own, your best option may be to redecorate the entire room. Luckily, a single room can be redecorated from the ground up without too much hassle or expense.

While you’re at it, go ahead and measure the walls and corners in your living room to find out now how much space you have to work with. Nothing is more annoying than coming home from the furniture store and discovering that it doesn’t fit.

Think About Your Lifestyle

Now that we’ve done some dreaming about your new living room space, it’s time to come back down to earth. You need to consider whether your lifestyle can safely and appropriately accommodate the style choices you’ve made before you make the purchases.

If you have two toddlers and a dog, a white-heavy contemporary style might not be practical. If you rarely ever have company over, that expensive leather furniture set may be overkill.

Make sure your dreams, intentions, and choices are practical, as well as beautiful.

Visit the Furniture Store

After all this thinking and exploring, you’re finally ready to go furniture shopping for your living room. With these precautions taken, rely on Urban Underpriced for new living room furniture today.

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