How To Create a Rustic French Countryside Kitchen and Dining Room

How relaxing would it be to sit down to dinner with the ambiance of the romantic French countryside all around you? Luckily, you don’t have to travel to France to capture its aesthetic in your home. By using the right colors and fabrics, trimming the room with authentic details, and choosing the right dining room furniture, you can enjoy all the feelings of France right in your own home.

Choose Airy, Welcoming Colors

French country homes often use light, warm colors. The walls are often off-white, soft blue, or blue-gray. Accent colors usually incorporate beiges, browns, delicate pinks, and gentle yellows to create a soothing, inviting feel.

Use Natural Materials

In the French countryside, traditional homemakers relied on natural materials. Wood furniture and cabinets accented with stone, brick, and iron will make your dining room and kitchen seem authentic. Kitchen appliances in dark colors can give the impression of iron, adding a welcome modern touch.

Select Cabinets With Detailing

Crown molding is a hallmark of French kitchens. This can be added around the ceiling but is more often incorporated into the design of the cabinets themselves. More often than not, French cabinets will include furniture-like details, including gentle arches, burnishing, or distressing. Skirted cabinetry is also popular.

An Island Invites Company

Large families in the countryside required more workspace for cooking and more seating for enjoying meals. To solve this problem, they incorporated grand kitchen islands. Islands painted in an accent color, or decorated with crown molding or carved details, work as a functional anchor piece for the room.

Delight In the Details

The real trick to pulling off a rustic French feel is incorporating authentic details. In a real country kitchen, glass jars would be used to store preserves or protect ingredients like sugar or flour. Detailing these jars with burlap or ribbon and grouping them on countertops gives your space a more authentic feeling than if you relied on modern Tupperware. Use toile fabrics for curtains or soft coverings on chairs to keep that light, airy feeling going throughout your entire home. Luckily, decor like this can commonly be found in your local furniture store.

Of course, the hallmark of a French kitchen is hanging cookware overhead, usually above the stove or the center island. Originally a functional decision, this has become a delightful design element in many kitchens. Top this off with brass or cast iron cookware to create a greater sense of authenticity.

Select Rustic but Elegant Dining Room Furniture

In many country homes, kitchens and dining rooms seamlessly blend into each other. For this reason, carrying your French theme into the dining room is one way to make this illusion feel complete.

You have a lot of flexibility in dining room furniture sets for this theme, however, certain elements are common. Typically, decorators choose wooden tables and chairs, although a mix of wood and iron is sometimes used. Wood is left its natural color or lightly white-washed and distressed. Dining room furniture has soft curves and rounded edges to give it a hand-made, elegant feel. On the other hand, highly-polished furniture sets with more elaborate details can lend a more upscale atmosphere to larger spaces. One advantage to a French country theme is its popularity and versatility; this guarantees that you can find appropriate pieces in any furniture store you visit.

Bring The Elegance of France to Your Home

Designing a rustic French countryside kitchen and dining room isn’t as hard as you think. Furniture stores in Indiana carry a range of home furniture that will bring your dream rooms to life. Discount furniture stores in Indianapolis are great places to snap up unique pieces that make your rooms stand out even if you choose a popular decorating theme like the French countryside.

Increasingly, homeowners recognize the impact interior design has on their homes. A gorgeous house with a bland or forgettable interior is no good. Interior design has become so important to homeowners that by 2021, furniture and home furnishing sales are expected to account for 13.6% of all e-commerce sales in the United States. Don’t get left behind: start redecorating today!

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