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Living Room Color Trends Can Set the Right Tone for Your Living Room

The one place everyone tends to meet in a home is the living room. It’s where the kids hang out to watch movies and play video games, spouses commune to watch sports, and people generally gravitate when you have visitors over. The living room is also the place for you to relax and read or catch up with your favorite Netflix shows. The whole point is that you and your family do a major amount of ‘living’ in that room. It needs to be comfortable and have the right tone that sets everyone at ease. The main star of any living room is the living room furniture.

How Old Is Your Sofa?

Did you know that the average lifespan of a sofa is 7 to 15 years? How old is your couch? Has it seen better days? There are great couches for sale from furniture stores in Indiana that will help you create a gorgeous living room whether you are interested in buying leather furniture or discount furniture. Bring your living room to life with colors of living room furniture that fit your décor, color, theme, style, and price range. Make the room unique with a wealth of living room furniture options including lift chairs and recliners, sectionals and sectional pieces, loveseats and sofas, bookcases, end tables, benches, entertainment consoles, trunks, cocktail tables and much more. When you start purchasing furniture, stick with the color choices you prefer that fit trendy themes ready to refresh and wake up your living room.

Rich and Luxurious Colors Can Transform Living Rooms into Pure Treasure

When you think of treasure, think of deep purple, red, green, and blue jewel tones with hues that are dark and rich. These darker tones work well in smaller living rooms that make the space seem cozier. Select rich fabrics for living room furniture and you will be rewarded with a gorgeous space that is transformed into your very own treasure trove of jewels that impresses visitors. A tip to completely alter a living room with this color scheme is to choose darker colors for the walls so you feel enveloped by color.

Keep the Mood Light with Subdued and Soft Colors

Brace yourself for a color trend that sounds like it contradicts itself. Multicolored neutrals in soft shades give the ability to include color that doesn’t scream at you. Subtle color tones tend to be more relaxing. Try choosing two complimenting soft shades keeping on shade neutral and the other a soft pastel such as yellow, blue, green, or even purple. Light, easygoing colors with well-thought-out accents give the idea that you’ve used engaging colors without going overboard.

There Is Nothing Basic About Blue

Tried, true, and trendy is the color blue. A long-time favorite, the blue hue can go from traditional to contemporary while offering comfort and style. Living room furniture in shades of blue is gorgeous when paired with taupe, wood, rich, and sandy browns as well as many other earth tones. Pairing different shades of blue together is a trend for living spaces that is collectively well-regarded.

Gray Is the Hot New Supportive Color

Do you think of drab when you think of the color gray? Nothing is drab about gray. Think of the neutral tone as being a supportive color that allows vibrant colors to bring drama and depth to a living room. Gray is a smart color choice for larger pieces of furniture such as sofas. Slip the color in seamlessly and enjoy the ability to change accent colors as often as you like without the need to reinvent a whole new color scheme.

The Weaving Power of White

Fresh, clean and bright is white. White has staying power when it comes to decorating a living room. Liven up your space with white and additional colors whether bright or pastel. Change colors for seasons, or weave color schemes cohesively with white as the contemporary base. The appeal of white can make even the smallest rooms seem much bigger too.

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