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Rustic Realness: How To Decorate Your Home In A Rustic Style

The decoration of your home can say a lot about your style and personality. Whenever someone comes into your living room, they’ll immediately get an impression about your family and lifestyle. To give the right impression, you need the right style.

A popular design style for homes is rustic. This warm and homey aesthetic is easy to create with a variety of home furniture pieces, as the rustic style can be further customized to your own tastes. Discover how to style your living room in a rustic way and you will be one step closer to having the design of your dreams.


Neutral tones are best for creating a rustic style. This palette should create a good base for your design, as it will allow any vibrant accents to stand out more effectively. Leather furniture is useful in a rustic style, as the colors are typically neutral browns and tans. Wood furniture is also perfect for this design style, as its colors are also neutral by nature and tie in well with other wood accents.


The rustic style is often defined by its use of natural materials. As mentioned above, wood is a popular choice for creating a rustic style. Reclaimed wood is especially effective, as it has a weathered look that can create a more homey feel. Stone is also popular in rustic design. Not only does it offer a perfectly natural and warm look, but stone is durable and practical. You’ll often see it in the form of flagstone flooring and stone fireplaces.

Often, the key to nailing the rustic style is to curate an eclectic mix of items that don’t necessarily go together. However, if you take care in choosing the pieces, you will successfully create the welcoming and comforting vibe that you’re aiming for. With furniture and home furnishing sales projected to represent 13.6% of all U.S. retail e-commerce sales in 2021, you’ll have no shortage of pieces from which to choose. Contact Urban Underpriced today to learn more about the home furniture pieces we have to craft your rustic style.

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