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Top 4 Interior Design Trends To Try in Your Bedroom

Most design enthusiasts want their bedroom to exude elegance and serenity. But trying to spruce up the bedroom can make you feel overwhelmed and unsure of what you want. Indeed, furniture pieces or decor styles will often make or break the elegance of the interior.

There are many different types of bedroom furniture Indianapolis has available to pick for your home. Here are some of the latest interior design trends to give you some ideas and inspiration.

Industrial Decor Style

Industrial decor is one of the most unusual styles to trend in recent times. The bedroom sets and furniture may incorporate both metal and wood. The design, which employs the use of unconventional pieces, has become popular for living spaces, living rooms, and even home offices.

The unconventional pieces may include vintage and reclaimed furniture. Industrial decor is one of the styles that encourages experimentation. Some pieces may not seem appealing at first, but they could end up being the perfect addition for your bedroom.

One of the main features of industrial design is to make the room look unfinished. Other than wood and metal pieces, exposed brick walls and piping are also common. Despite the unfinished look, furniture and bedroom sets are carefully chosen and positioned. It needs wide spaces to create the right ambiance and avoid making the room feel confined and congested.

Concrete Walls

Concrete often invokes images of a bland and plain wall. Even though it may seem to be simple and unappealing, the trend is proving to be quite aesthetically flexible. The variety of designs may range from traditional finishes, industrial accents, to those that complement modern minimalism.

There are many ways concrete can be enhanced to achieve more variety in aesthetics. You can create an outstanding contrast with embellished concrete and light colors for bedroom sets. The combination of brushed concrete and wooden pieces is another variant of the style. You can also achieve a modern, sleek feel by using vibrant furniture.

Art Deco Style

The style traces its roots back to the 1920s and 1930s in parts of Europe and America. It first became popular at a time when there was economic progress, and many people found it to be elegant, functional, and modern. As a result, it touched all aspects of interior design, from bedroom sets, living room decor, architecture, and fashion.

One key aspect of Art Deco is it moves away from repeating tribal patterns to bold geometric shapes. The design may feature pointed edges with inspiration coming from the structure of tall buildings at the time. It also features unusual shapes like trapezoids and furniture with continuous lines minus the frills.

Neutral shades are common with the style and are most suitable for the bedroom. You may hang a piece of fabric on your wall to create an accent with the Art Deco colors. To create an eye-catching contrast, bedroom sets may feature deep and bright colors like pink, green, yellow, and blue.


Surrealism is another unique trend you can experiment in your master bedroom. The surreal style seeks to break the rules and norms that attempt to define how interior design should be. One of its key aspects is the bold and extravagant use of materials and design pieces.

It may feature unusual pieces, such as asymmetrical mirrors. Abstract art may fuse with the design of the interior, creating a truly surreal ambiance. Despite its extravagance and boldness, bedroom furniture and decor are carefully chosen.

People not only want their bedrooms to be elegant, but they also want them to have a soul. Surrealism is about breaking away from the norm and taking bold steps. You have a variety of choices on the design pieces you can add. They may include antiques, abstract art, and handmade pieces from furniture stores that add life to your home’s interior.

In Conclusion

You can get inspiration from many trendy styles and finishes that are shaping the interior design industry. These trends encourage individuality and experimentation. Be sure to choose bedroom sets that resonate with you and bring life to your home.

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